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About Spice Grills

Spice Grills is a great place to enjoy authentic Halal, Indian. Spice Grills is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Halal, Indian. Spice Grills success looks to continue for years to come.

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4 Shepherds Bush Road
West Kensington, W67PJ

Favourite Dishes


lamb on the bone with a very special sauce garnished with your choice of ingredients


chicken cooked with herbs and spices, steamed with rice


chicken cooked with herbs and spices, steamed with rice


chicken simmered in creamy sauce with coconut and cashew nuts


chicken tikka cooked in a creamy tandoori sauce


fresh spinach with cheese

Read Trusted Customer Reviews

295 reviews


  • Very good! Enjoyed it as always


  • the lamb curry had no taste and was very stingy on the pieces of meat.


  • Worst indian ive ever had. Truly appalling food


  • Always a perfect meal


  • the food is good and we order from here regularly, but for the last two orders when we have requested medium hot and hot the dishes have come mild. Taste is good, but for some reason they are not following the requests for level of spiciness. Please resolve this.


  • The food was soooo tasty and fresh, a perfect blend of spices and excellent customer service resulted in an epic night!


  • It must have been good as we have reordered it about five times now!


  • Lamb Karahi was awesome but the chicken tikka masala was so full of sugar that it was sweeter then a dessert & went straight into the bin.


  • Im not the queen but if i was the queen i would personally knight the whole of Spice Grills. Top marks as usual (takes Bow). Its like the curry is made from the tears of a hindu goddess.


  • Great food, tasty amount from each meal.


  • Quality and flavour of good was great


  • I was disappointed by the quality of whole grilled chicken which was under tandoori dishes section. First of all, it came "with the skin on" and it tasted like a boiled chicken which is given a last minute oven exposure. Not even a hint of any marination in tandoori chicken spices. Overall, it was tasteless. It was not really what one would expect from the name " spice grill". May be this place is good for " Non grill, non spicy dishes" Paratha and roti were good, but you can't really go wrong with that!


  • Good but there is no salad or eggs comes with Biriyani.. Strange


  • Nice food! Worth buying from here if you don't fancy going out ☺️☺️


  • Didnt enjoy this meal. Currys didnt taste very authentic, almost like i could of gone to tesco and bought something similar. naan bread was pretty good, Thats the only positive.